Christmas Crafting

Well now that the tree is officially up. (I just now realized its been up for over a week without any pictures! How could that have happened!) I am starting to plan out some present Idea’s. My sister in law has already requested a handmade gift. I cannot wait! Plus I have been reading and stalking Martha online and all her fabulous gift idea’s. There are a million idea’s out there. I love the internet for what its done for the craft community. Here are some of my favorite little crafty idea’s I’ve found recently that Im dying to try!

Some adorable place cards, unfortunately I live in the middle of the desert so finding some left over evergreen stumps is going to be a little harder for me. Not to say thats going to stop me either.

These little  card stock tree’s are simple to make and look beautiful in any colors you may choose to decorate your house in.

This easy trivet would add a little Christmas cheer to any tea time. Its one of the easiest things to make and people are over joyed to hear you made something special for them with your own hands!

And of course I think I need to make these lump of coal boxes for my loving sister. How fun and easy are they!

O and ps we still have guests in the house. Can I tell you all how much I enjoy the sounds of a baby inside these walls! My camera is constantly going off. I’m going to be in trouble when I have one of my own!

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  1. So cute! Those freaking place card holders are almost TOO cute! omg. I can’t wait to see what you craft up this year! 🙂

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