Who said you cant go home…

Well this might have been the case if my flight had been any more delayed coming into Calgary last Wednesday. This white stuff sure causes quite the shut down on this city.

There has been lots of visiting friends and family. And of course I had to make some festive cupcakes! For my mom’s friends birthday I surprised her with Death by Chocolate cupcakes and Eggnog cupcakes. They were a hit. I like neither Chocolate or Eggnog but somehow when you add icing everything tastes amazing!

And I also got to meet a new member of the family. My sisters new puppy Karma. She is so cute! I am threatening to steal her on my way back.

Also Ive been working on my December Daily (Ali Edwards Christmas album idea) Why not when Im allowed to be in my mom massive scrapbooking stash and amazing work room. So basically I came with the album and Ive used all her stuff to complete it. Which is so nice of her to let me do.  So here’s what I have so far.

And lastly I got to spend a day with my two nephews who live here. They are only a month apart and about 4&5 months old. Babies are so precious in these early days. We took them to see Santa. And then we brought them home and I gave out my Christmas presents to them. Early because I wanted them to get a lot of use of these way too cute Christmas pj’s! In fact I bought all 4 of my nephews matching ones, but until Christmas day I wont see them all together. So here’s a preview of how cute these babies look!

And other than all that fun stuff all Ive been enjoying is sitting inside by a fire reading. It may be cold but this snow covered country side is just beautiful in the winter. I do miss it so. But I’ll be back in about 3 weeks! Already counting down to coming back and I haven’t even left yet!

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  1. cute scrapbook! what a fun idea. I can’t wait to see the completed product! And your nephews are WAY TOO CUTE. I seriously cannot get over them.

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