Exploding Box – Tutorial

The first tutorial of lissables! How exciting. I made this box last year and its still one of my favorites. Its easy and looks beautiful and can be made over and over again and be unique each and every time!

You will need 4 pieces of paper, the first three making your layered box flaps.

The first a 12×12 piece that you will score 4 inches in from all 4 sides, and cut out the corners giving you 4×4 squares.

The second being 11×11 and scoring 3 3/4 inches in from all 4 sides and cut out the corners.

The third being 10×10 and scoring 3 1/2 inches in from all 4 sides and cutting out the corners.

Decorate them in which ever fashion you want! I prefer the vintage beat up look. Im addicted to inking all and every edge possible. Remember to keep it simple as you will want to add photos too and dont want it to get too busy.

After its to your standards glue the layers together from the middle square.

Your last paper is your lid. It is an 8×8 piece. Scoring the edges at 1 7/8 inches but this time only cut one side of the of the square on the edge. Giving you a flap which you can glue and create the inside of your lid. Embellish to match the rest of your box.

Put it all together and you can have an exploding box effect when the lid is lifted. I love watching people who do not scrap or craft opening it, because it really is a fun idea.

I like using it to wrap little presents. I still in my mind think aw what if someone used it to propose and a ring was tied with a ribbon in the middle square surrounded by pictures of them. How sweet. (Guys if your reading this I would so make that for someone just to have pictures of it!) So really like I said the possibilities are endless with it. Enjoy and have fun!

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