5 Minute Renovations

On mornings where I don’t have a lot planned for the day I try to make a little goal list of one little project I want to do. Today I got up and planned to take down all the xmas stuff. Always sad to see it go. But I also got to put out some new stuff I got for Christmas. I find it so energizing to redecorate. Even if its just tiny touches at a time. Today’s project was even better because it was only 5 min!

My mom gave me the fabulous key holders which I have been wanting forever now. I think I lose my keys at least once a day still. So this should help. And my aunt gave me the cute wall quote when I first moved away from home. We have a tiny little hallway from the main room of our house to the garage and laundry room. It was always so blah looking, so today’s project was to spice it up! I hung the key holder and centered the quote above it, found a similar frame (but I think I’m going to actually replace it with a larger simple black frame, and of course change out the picture for one of both of us and the puppies as a big family.) And five minutes later voila!

It feels good to do a five minute makeover. You accomplish something and beautify your house and it takes less time than turning the tv on! I’ve got a couple more five minute make overs to do this week, if I can find the supplies I need. But definitely stay tuned for some crafty tips! Hope your all having a good weekend!

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