Simple Joy’s + Simple Tutorial

So over Christmas there was a book on my mom’s kitchen table. The book of awesome. It really was. It talked about appreciating the little things in your daily life . Flipping your pillow over to the cool side. Someone waving when you let them in front of your car. Bubble wrap. Finding money in your pockets. Simple everyday things. I’m learning in 2011 to celebrate these things. I’ll let you in on today’s little joy. I was running errands after babysitting and doing laundry all day, needless to say my make up bag was very ignored the last couple days. But that cute little high school bag boy at the grocery store made my day. So sweet and flirty, he didn’t even notice the ring haha. All the same he made me feel pretty on a day where I felt that was the last thing possible. I left with bags dragging my arms down but a smile on my face. Celebrate your little joys, no matter how simple they may be.

And if you are having trouble on certain days finding your simple joy try creating it. I find my best days are when I get really into a craft/project. So to help you I will show you one of the easiest and fastest. The best part is you probably have all the stuff already in your house! You will need a picture frame (preferably on the bigger side.) A dry erase Marker, Fun pattern paper, and whatever decorative add on’s you want.

I chose to use a floating frame so I could still see through a bit. I like that look. Then I grabbed my nearest stash of scrap pattern paper. I wanted to keep it simple but add a little flare so I threw in a canvas embellishment of the Eiffel tower. And voila my first message board!

For the second one I wanted to make it more specific to its purpose. So I found a note card pack, picked out a cute one. Slipped it in, added a super cute clip and ribbon bow and voila second dry erase board. This one to be used as a phone message delivery, since we do not have voicemail on our home phone.

How super cute and especially easy. Literally I think anyone can do this, whether you have the craft bone in you or not. So hopefully this brings you a little piece of joy. Go celebrate, go be happy!

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