More 5 Minute Redecorating

My in laws fly in tomorrow and my mother the day after. Which means in my house that I have one massive To Do list going. All the cleaning and fixing needs to be done asap. Projects that have been waiting months are now kicked into “I cant wait till Brandon gets home I must do this right now!” So While the laundry was rumbling I took on the spare bathroom. I always hated the towel rack because its so misplaced in this bathroom. So when my sister in law gave me these awesome knobs she didn’t want anymore I knew just what to do with them!

I love the difference it made on the little room. I also added two extra’s by the sink for hand towels. Now Im itching to do the same with my master bathroom with some super cute hooks my mom found for me.

Our other little project which always seems to try and kill Brandon was to hang our new drapes. And although I may have ruined the moment it was finished, by accidentally knocking over and emptying the 50 bits across the entire kitchen floor. Its still so worth it to have beautiful new drapes and a rod that doesn’t fall off every time you touch it. Special thanks to Brandon for dealing with that wall again.

And to cap off my exciting night I got to video chat with my best friend. We have a long distance relationship. (I seem to do that a lot. Me and Brandon did for a year and a half 4 of those months were even while we were married. My best friend lives two states over. My parents in another country, my sister in the same country as them but a province over. Am I crazy or just like getting mail haha) Anyways tonight was the second time we’ve gotten around the video chatting. I am so grateful for technology. I hear my grandma talk about when she immigrated and how she got to phone home once a month and how much it cost, and I think how fortunate I am to turn on a little computer and get to see the people I love from another time zone. It truly made my night getting to laugh and eat junk food together through a screen. Miss you.

So Bring on the crazy weekend of family and family and more family. I’m doing my nephews birthday cakes on Saturday! I cant wait to see him demolish that icing with a slight bit of cake 😉

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  1. I had so much fun last night too! I miss you so much! Good luck this weekend and I’ll talk with you when it’s all over! xoxo

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