Becketts Buzz Birthday!

Today was my nephews first birthday party! Wow where did that year go!

Happy Birthday Beckett!

And of course I brought the cake! My sister in law wanted a similar order to the baby shower she hosted and I catered a month ago. So I re strung my favorite cake plates with themed Buzz lightyear colors, tinted my icing to match and to infinity & beyond, we had an amazing display! I also did a personal cake for him to squish with those little fingers! Jess found some super cute toy story ring toppers to add to the theme and the kids loved them!

And did he ever squish with those little fingers! I think thats my favorite thing about a first birthday, every kid gets coated in icing. I made sure to make his personal cake with extra icing just to be sure!

So Happy Birthday to my cute nephew Beckett! (o and ps practically no cupcakes left over afterwards! always my favorite sight to see!)

PPS I had found this amazing little personal cupcake holder while we were in calgary and I just had to test it out. Now I’m addicted and want tons of them! I mean how cute is that!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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