Viva Las Vegas

So I was spending some time with some friends this week, who were visiting from out of town. I NEVER spend time on the strip. But it was fun seeing the new cosmopolitan hotel which just recently opened up. We just spent a night walking around and I couldn’t help but take a million photo’s!

I just adore artwork with faces. So I was¬†immediately¬†drawn to these creations! The top right is just hanging colored circles. The other two are massive painting’s with amazing hair! I would hang those in my house I love them so much. They wouldn’t match at all haha but I love them all the same.

This is a massive chandelier in the Cosmopolitan, its ridiculously huge and covers a whole bar and lounge area. Its breathtakingly beautiful in person and picture just dont do it justice.

So that was a tour of my town, and two last pictures to leave you with. My favorite of the night. Because I have to get some sleep I am making cupcakes tomorrow! For a special little boy’s birthday! Nutella cupcakes because he can inhale a whole jar in one sitting if I let him!

I am just in love with ^this one. Hope you guys have a wicked wednesday! Stay tuned!

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