Carter’s Second Birthday Cupcakes

Welcome to Heaven. Where we serve Nutella Buttercream Chocolate cupcakes. These things are to die for! Plus I got to play with my new cupcake stand I got for Christmas. Its for one of my favorite little boys second birthday. He can inhale Nutella sandwiches so when I suggested doing Nutella cupcakes his mom loved it! I love when I can excite people over flavors and design! Hope it doesn’t make your mouth water too much!

Im in love with this beautiful stand! I love how the cupcakes just float on the glass tiers. Its so unique!

Mmm I always try just one. Any more and I’ll weigh 300 pounds. But I try one just to make sure what I am delivering isn’t some accidentally poisoned mess. And these babies are sure heaven to me. I gave Brandon a bite and instead he inhaled half the cupcake. So must be a favorite!

And my favorite part of the floating glass, that you can see the super cute cupcake liner messages! Simply delicious, couldn’t have said it any better myself!

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