Life and Disneyland

Lately life has been just fantastic. I mean the little moments. But you really cant appreciate them unless you have some crap thrown in the mix too. This week has been a roller coaster of ups & downs like that. I had my mom come to visit, and like every time she visits, she also has to leave. Up & down. I was late driving my pretend kids to school this morning and hit literally every red light in the city ( ps we were not even 1 minute late and he still got a tardy slip, aww poor kid!) But on the way back after school we also hit every red light but with no where to go we rolled down the windows and enjoyed the sun and sang some songs. Down & up (ps I am one of those people that sings out loud all the time in my car. I dont care if you see me, in fact I hope it makes you smile.) One of my said pretend kids had an accident right after we got into the McDonalds playground, and an hour later they both crushed me with hugs and told me they loved me. Big Down and Big Up! I buy some chips and enjoy them, I gain weight. Up and down and up and down. But like I said you cant appreciate the good without some bad.

But like I mentioned my mom came to visit this last week. Which explains my MIA on here. Because when she comes everything else freezes. I’m so lucky that I get to see her as much as I do since I moved to another country. So we hung out, giggled, shopped lots and ate at all her favorite places. We also went to Disneyland, we both had passes that were expiring and neither of us is renewing. (seriously that place is way too busy)

But we met up with some old family friends and had a great last visit. We did all our favorites, toy story, the animation academy, Bell’s hidden library where you can find out what disney character you are, (I was nala from the lion king, mom was cinderella haha.) We also did stuff we normally didnt make time for, seeing some spontaneous shows, the world of color water show, and less thrill seeking rides. All in all it was a great way to end the year of Disney. And now I have so many more pictures and memories from Disneyland that I will never catch up scrapbooking!

Miss you already mom, Thanks for the year of Disney!

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