Kick Off to 14 Days of Valentines!

So if you’ve been following me lately, Ive been tempting you with the promise of 14 fun days of crafts, projects, recipes and cute Valentines! Well welcome to the kick off!

Today we are starting it nice and easy. This idea came from Martha the queen of crafts, but I put my own little twist on it. Its so easy anyone can do this! Seriously!

Start by drawing your own heart on your choice of paper, I liked mine to be longer because it fits better. Next trace your first heart on to a second paper of your choice but make it slightly bigger. Remember it doesn’t have to be perfect. Now you glue ONLY the top part together. Making sure the bottom doesn’t stick. Next you can embellish any way you want. I wanted to keep mine simple, so I only used a ribbon with a couple staples. And voila! Your own handmade hearts bookmark!

And because its the first day why not do another tutorial!

Our second one today is a candy holder. Again its going to be super easy to do. And looks very cute it you make a bunch of them in different sizes for different candy and hang them. I was impressed by how fast and easy it went together. Start with one piece of pattern paper I used a 12×12, I also suggest using two sided pattern paper, mine was a tad bland on the inside.

1. Take your paper and fold it in half diagonally and again on the opposite side.

2. Now fold it in half horizontally and again on the opposite side. And to make the next step easier, now fold one of your diagonal folds back the other way.

3. Now bring those last diagonal folds together to make a small square as shown in photo 3

4. Cut a heart into your square with the open side up. (or else there will be nothing to hold your candy!) Now take the two inside sheets and cross them together, glue all the sides flat.

Now all thats left is to add a ribbon in the middle to hang it, and of course fill it with Candy! I cant wait to make more in fun and bright Valentines colors!

And because its February 1st I have to give my little sister a shout out. Happy Birthday Kimmy! Lots of happy wishes for your 22nd year, and of course I wish I could be there to celebrate with you!

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