Love of Framed Love

Today’s Valentines are 3 frames of Love. I just adore the way they turned out. I ran to the dollar store yesterday and within an hour I had 3 pieces of Valentines art displayed. And best part the whole project including the three frames cost me only 4$ That’s right, so how can you say no? Your just gonna have to run out and make your own!

To start I rounded up all my scrap paper in my color theme, everything pink and silver. I started my first frame with a solid background and started cutting out hearts in as many patterns as I could find. Make sure they are all the same size, I used my cricut and George and basic shapes cartridge.  I put the solid cardstock underneath the glass and I popped the hearts up with pop ups on the outside of the glass. I like the idea of 3-d elements in frames.

The second frame is easy as well. I choose a subtle pattern for the background. Used some left over strips to make my tic tac toe grid. Cut out some X’s and O’s and made the game into a hugs and kisses display. Again I wanted to do the 3-d effect so the pattern and grid is underneath the frame and the X’s & O’s are popped up on the outside.

The last frame is my favorite and the easiest. It is also the inspiration for the whole set. I was in Target’s scrapbooking isle and they always have a section of 99 cent items. The word love is part of that, how can you turn down such a cute item at 99 cents! So I found another cute subtle pattern paper. (music sheets are always my favorite) I put the pattern behind the glass like always and positioned the letters on the outside again. These ones even had pop dots on them. The great part of this one is they always have different four letter words through out the year. So you can make this frame for any season. I even saw the word baby, you could make one for a new baby room or even as a gift at a baby shower!

I just love the way they all turned out. And how fast and cheap they were to make. There is endless possibilities with these as you can fill them with anything in your imagination!

5 thoughts on “Love of Framed Love”

    1. They did indeed. They have them in gold, silver, black and white. I couldnt find them in white this time so I went with the all pink and grey theme. They each come with a mini one too! Such a cute set for 1$

  1. hmmm, everything you make is soo damn cute, its to bad im not creative at all! I think i should just start paying you to make all of this stuff and you can send it to me!! 😀

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