Clothes Pin Frames

I recently was shopping, by that I mean looking at all the pretty things I cant afford to buy. I came across this big frame divided with a cork board, white board and a small corner with three clothes pins to hang messages from. I thought it was such a cute idea, I also thought no sense paying for that when I can make my own! I do this often as shopping is the best inspiration. So I found a frame in the clearance section of the same store for 3 dollars, had some more cute paper laying around and got a huge pack of clothes pins for 1.50 at the grocery store. (I have another project with them in mind too)

So as you guessed this is super easy, cheap and cute! This seems to be the theme of the 14 days of Valentines. Which is good or else my hubby might put a stop to how many crafts are being put together! Anyways here it is. Take your frame, remove the glass cut a section of paper to match the size. Put only the paper back in as you wont need the glass anymore. Take your clothes pins now, if you want you can choose to paint yours as I did to match the frame. When they are dry, glue them to the paper. Tada! your done. Seriously. My best advice would be the bigger the frame the better. I also found that vertical vsĀ horizontalĀ is better, you have just a little more room to hang bigger items.

And if you find you love clothes pin displays so much you may want to head down to Michaels dollar isle this week. I found fun giant clothes pin displays in a range of bright colors. I choose black because its for my bedroom but if you have a bright room or a teenager in the house this would be a cheap and unique display to brighten the room. I love mine!

If you don’t feel like making something but still like the clothes pin look, you can swing down to pier one and pick up there display frame. My mom bought one, when when it wouldn’t fit in her suitcase going home I inherited it! Don’t worry I’m a good daughter and when she got home there was a surprise waiting for her, I had my dad pick one up in Canada and it was waiting for her. What I like best about it is leaving little messages for company when they come to stay, as its in my spare room. Like my photo? Its my only one so “Hi Mom!”

2 thoughts on “Clothes Pin Frames”

  1. Great ideas! I really like the grid idea with the picture frame on the green wall. I have an old frame that I was thinking about trying to make. I was just wondering how you attached the wire to the frame?


    1. Hey lisa!
      Sorry you must not have seen that was a frame I bought. Its from Pier 1 and Im pretty sure I saw it there still the last time I made. But if you wanted to make your own version it wouldn’t be hard. I would start with a thick sturdy frame, drill small holes into the side where you want your wire to connect. Use some thick strong wire and put a dab of hot glue from a glue gun on the end and hold in place when you slide it into the hole you’ve made. Repeat until your finished the grid pattern you like.

      I hope that helps! If you end up making your own we would love to see the finished product! Email me at with pictures or any other questions!


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