Handmade for Him

So as most of these crafts surrounding Valentines Day are themed with pink and hearts they dont scream manly. But you can still make handmade gift for him. Over the years I have made Brandon quite a few from the heart gifts. He doesn’t care to spend money on himself but I like to have a little something wrapped up for special occasions.

The first gift he ever received was definitely a homemade item. I was visiting him and had no extra money as mine was tied up with a “going to make my own in Europe”(that ended little over a month later, but for the better as he came to get me, maybe it was all because of the amazing gift I made him!) So I got creative and told him he couldn’t come into the living room for an hour. We had just watched Fever Pitch, as he is a die hard Red Sox fan. And I knew where my inspiration was taking me. I already had two permanent markers, and I snuck into his bathroom and stole a roll of toilet paper. Yes toilet paper. See in the movie he has an apartment dedicated to everything Red Sox, except his toilet paper. As every true Red Sox fan wants to wipe his behind with the Yankee’s. So I gave him that gift and seeing his smile and surprise was completely worth the time it took. So draw inspiration from something that is special to your other half, even if it is super silly!

My second handmade for him is a little easier. A coupon book. You’ve seen them everywhere in the stores, but isn’t is better to have one customized. You only need some spare paper and a pen. I also suggest stamps and ink to jazz it up a little. From hugs and kisses to more just for him items, like sitting through an entire football game. (sometimes its painful to fulfill those coupons, I didn’t quite realize how long a football game is.) So have fun with this one!

Basically anything from the heart counts. So make something special for your sweetie. Because its not always about us!

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