As promised today is cupcake day! O don’t you wish you lived in my spare bedroom? So tonight we went to my sister in laws “in laws” house. (Was that confusing?) They always have big Sunday family dinners. Which I think is adorable with such a big family. And I’m addicted to her rolls. They are to die for, and then you feel like your dying after you regret eating that second not needed one. Anyways there was a cupcake request.

I split the flavors down the middle. Most requested, “Death by Chocolate” a cupcake truly for its own name. Chocolate cake with nutella buttercream with chocolate sprinkles and drizzled in milk chocolate. To die for. Then I thought I would experiment with the other half. ehhhhh not so good.

Apparently the Skor bar did not like being baked. Instead it decided to explode everywhere. But I do not give up. They may not have looked so pretty but they still tasted dang good! So I went ahead with my “Skor a piece of Heaven” cupcakes. Because they were heavenly. And if your going to die from chocolate with the others you might as well get to heaven with these babies. Chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream, crushed Skor bar, drizzled in caramel first and then lightly with milk chocolate. They also had skor baked into them but you couldn’t tell as they just melted and sunk to the bottom and make the tops warp in a not attractive way. But its not about the look its about the taste!

And just when I thought my mayhem of the day was over. My mixer decided it had had enough of frosting making. In fast it tore itself in two. And would not for the life of me go back together. But lucky me because I have a hubby who can figure out anything! We got that pin back in and the mixer in one piece again! O and then the lock didn’t work. Seriously it was not my best day. I now know of my pins and screws and hidden parts of that machine than I thought possible. But have no fear Brandon was here! And did not give up till that thing was brand new again! He saved the cupcake day!

So once we had that up and running again we were back on track. A little crushing of the S bar’s, some melting chocolate and lots of piped tops and there was some beautiful temptations in my little kitchen. I’m not a chocolate fan but those “Death by Chocolates” are one of my favorites. And the “Skor a piece of Heaven” were a close second today. MMM they were an ooey gooey goodness mess. Plus everyone thoroughly enjoyed each bite of either cupcake. And that’s all I care about!

Sweet dreams! (If your dreaming of these!)

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