Life as it is.

So Ive been bad at posting lately. That’s a big combo with a bunch of stuff. I meant to share a Banana Bread recipe with you. I bought the banana’s. Brandon bought fresh ones and I bought the discount already on their way out banana’s. His are worse than mine already! Mine have not changed at all, thus no Banana Bread recipe for you yet. Soon though I swear.

Then I did actually do some baking. But of all things didn’t take any pictures. Wow that is a rare occurrence. Since if you know me I take pictures of the dogs every time they move. Everything I cook or bake. And every time I can sneak a picture of Brandon without him getting mad. So sorry nothing to blog about those red velvet and cream cheese cupcakes. Though I really think I cracked the code on cinnabon frosting with the new cream cheese recipe! haha. Not a good thing.

Then there was some family stuff. Some happy news and a lot of sad news. And then more sad news. And it never seemed to end. Which is always hard when you are so far away from your family. I cant reach out and do the simplest thing to help. Just a hug. But I got to talk to my sister and my mom and dad today. Lots of laughing and love shared in those calls so I know everything is going to be just fine. Still doesn’t change that I miss and love you though.

So thats it. Normally I am better at excuses but thats all the lame ones today! And hopefully you can look forward to better stuff this week. I’ll be sharing cupcakes tomorrow. And recipes for mac and cheese lasagna. Because anything with kraft dinner in it is amazing. Hopefully some Banana Bread! Those dang things better change soon. And maybe if your lucky even some scrapbooking.

Until then its just another night with my hubby, the dogs, slippers and popcorn!

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