Thank you’s & Cupcakes

There was a couple people we know that went above and beyond for us today. So I set to making thank you cards right away. This is my standard go to pattern for a thank you card. I just love it, its easy and so so cute. I had some extra paper on hand. I don’t love the look of the colors in the end but I wanted to make some cards quick. So I’ll share them anyways.

Fold your paper to make a standard card. I used my cricut and the George and basic shapes cartridge to make a 3 1/2 inch silhouette heart. Then I glue the heart to the front of the card. Then I use an exacto knife to cut out the inside. I used pop dots to make the inside of the heart on the inside of the card stand out. Then you can write a little cute phrase. I liked Thank you on the front and “from the bottom of my heart” on the inside. Or “from our heart to yours.” Tada instant cute card.

And finally my Banana’s turned! Or so I thought. They were black all over. I peel them. They look brand new. They even feel great! What? I am convinced Banana’s know what you want to use them for and refuse to obey that thought. I want mine to go bad they stay fresh. Brandon wants his to last longer than 2 days they go over night! Its Banana’s! (TeeHee)

So I made Banana bread. I made a loaf and I made some cupcakes to give away. I have got to say Banana Bread baking is THE best smell in the world. In fact its still all I can smell in my house and that is both wonderful and dangerous. The even more dangerous part was when I stumbled on a happy accident. I had left over Nutella buttercream from Sunday and tested the thought. AMAZING. Yum I think I’m going to have to forever make Nutella Buttercream every time I make Banana Bread cupcakes. MMmm but my favorite is a couple slices from the fresh loaf that is slightly crispy from cooling, and lots of butter. Excuse me because my mouth is now watering and I need to go eat exactly that!

4 thoughts on “Thank you’s & Cupcakes”

  1. I love these cards! They are so cute! Next time your in Calgary or when I come to Vegas, I request a dozen of these banana/nutella cupcakes please 🙂 They look scrumptious !!!

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