My Little Cupcakes

So Im pretty excited. I just hit order online. At midnight? Why am I still up? O because I had to watch Jersey Shore when I got home. Guilty as charged. I just cant help watching and loving that train wreck. Anyways I had seen this on another blog I watch the other day. And fell in love instantly. How can you not?

This is “My little cupcake

A mold for cake balls. So you to can make the same beautiful treats the amazing Bakerella shines at. You can even make them with her non bake recipe with oreo’s and cream cheese. So easy she has her super cute kids do the tutorial for it. (I think thats what sold me, they are so cute!)

You pop them in and out of the mold and dip them in chocolate. Could I have just described heaven? All the reviews say its easy peasy and they clean up great. So I ordered two, I cant wait to play with them! I can see these becoming an addiction of mine. Of course when I get mine I’ll be sure to be sharing every yummy detail with you! Until then.

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