Ive Been Busy

That’s a total lie? haha Ive been lazy is more like it. Sometimes my life just isn’t interesting enough to post a whole blog about. That sums up this week. I’m babysitting like mad. I’ll be with my pretend kids overnight all weekend. I like to think of it as parent boot camp. Just thrown into chaos. I’m going to bring Brandon since its overnight and I am still a big wuss and am afraid of the dark pretty much. And then after he wants to pull his hair out I’ll ask “so when do you want to make some of these crazy little monsters!” Haha Its a good thing I love those kids so much!

Highlights from this week: We played monopoly for the first time together and apparently for the first time ever for Brandon. He told me the only other time he had played was when he was still eating the money. Haha. It was another first time. First time Ive ever seen a game end. I am used to everyone just bailed three hours in. But it was always a favorite of mine, it reminds me of playing with my grandpa He made every move special. Especially the beauty contest card. So I crushed Brandon. I had no mercy for the first timer. He definitely put up a fight and Ive never seen someone go to jail quite that often. And then want to stay there so he didn’t have to hit my corner haha. We played another game later that night (two games of monopoly in one night unheard of in my family!) And Brandon learned too quickly and definitely was killing me when I bailed three hours in at midnight.

Our other highlight was buying a dog grooming kit. In the past Ive cut the dogs hair with scissors. Brutal is all I can say. And apparently they look worse than how I feel after doing it. So we broke down and bought one from target. Brandon was in charge since I was still afraid it was going to cut the puppy on every swipe. We did karma first since the second that thing turned on WallE disappeared instantly. We’ll catch him later this week. We’ll it was a lot easier and way faster. She looks pretty cute but wont pose for pictures. But it was a cute moment when we were giving Walter a bath and Karma sat patiently outside waiting for him. Like she was going to save him when we opened the sliding door. They are too cute together.

Other than that just babysitting. And Im baking pumpkin pie cupcakes as we speak! They are o so yummy! And with the buttercream frosting, well I might just eat them all tonight by myself!

2 thoughts on “Ive Been Busy”

  1. YAY, clippers!! Those dogs will be so thankful that they can actually go out in the neighborhood now and not be heckled by all the other doggies!!

    1. Haha hey now she was a beautiful little kitty before too. It was the best I could do with kitchen scissors, a hyper puppy and ten pounds of hair. But she does look a lot cuter now!

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