Mini Pumpkin Pies!

Yum, I’m guessing that title enticed you to come over and read the rest of today’s post. Yes its true I found the perfect combination between cupcakes and pies. I started with a basic cake recipe and added a whole lot of pumpkin in a can. Toss in lots of pinches of spices and add some vanilla buttercream, and voila! Pumpkin pie cupcakes.

I think the best part was that they didn’t have a cake texture they really felt like you were eating mini pies. It was very dangerous to have them in the house for sure! Good thing most of them went out the next morning for a friends birthday. But I’d imagine these will be a staple dessert this November!

Hey also I had a friend and reader Message me a picture of her beautiful cards she made with the heart card tutorial! I love seeing stuff my readers make. So in the future or you see something from a past post you want to make message me the results. I would love to share the amazing work you guys do too! Here’s Rachelle’s “Just Because” Cards!

Wishing you guys a wonderful weekend!

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