Most people collect a certain item. Collectible spoons for my one grandma, Danish collectible plates for the other. Vintage cookbooks for my friend. Collection debt for the other half of the country. (just kidding teehee) But for me Ive never collected anything, aside from barbie dolls and broken hearts. Kidding again! But lately I have had a special little addiction. Last May I bought my first cake plate. I should have known it would be down hill from there. The good part is that a lot of them have been gifts. The bad part what was I thinking trying to store 12 (so far) cake plates in a house with no basement!

Speaking of cake plates lets bring up something that has nothing to do with cake plates! Remember a couple weeks ago I shared a link to Oreo Chocolate Peanut Butter spread. Well I finally got around to making it myself. Easiest thing in the world. Took minutes and went back into the original jar. With some to spare as a gift! Well you must make it. Then spread it on bread, apples, a spoon!

So go check out that recipe and share with me what you liked to pair it with!

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