First Trimester Down!

2 to go. But I hears from lots of other preggers that the first was the slowest? I thought it was not bad. But I was one of those lucky few to not have any unhappy symptoms! My Doctor told me not to tell anyone that either but why not I say! Anyways thats three months down, and I am doing one fun little photo project through the pregnancy. I saw it a year ago somewhere on the internet? A woman took a picture at the beginning of each month and held up the number of months in fingers in each picture. At the end you watch the belly grow through 9 months and ends with a baby! Cute and fun and much easier than the once a week attempt I was going to do. I dont think I made it past one week of doing that haha.

You may have noticed I plan to stretch that same shirt through each month too! I wanted to have a similar theme and I thought those ruffles would look super cute across a big belly! Which is growing haha. But no “bump” yet. No right now its just the thicker waist stage. I took this picture at 11 weeks with hopes, but as I shared it with my mom she so nicely asked me is that a baby bump? or a chip bump? haha. She knows me better than anyone! I would say it was the later of those two choices. But I’ll share it anyways just for fun!

Thats changing slightly as I hit 14 weeks this week. Got to hear the heartbeat for a few seconds before the doctor shut off the machine as fast as ever. I got the hear 4 different versions of my own but the second we found the tiny one we got a pat on the back and off you go. But hey at least we heard it! Little Baby C is doing well so far and hopefully soon we find out pink or blue!

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