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This week I have 120 cupcakes going through my kitchen. (again thank goodness I am not craving cupcakes. yet.) So day one fo the cupcake marathon is just plain chocolate cupcakes and vanilla buttercream. Sometimes perfect can be simple. Ive been trying out new chocolate recipes. Im not a huge fan of day one. (especially since I am writing this on day two and watching this recipe version bake is way yummier.) But it did the trick. Also I am really picky with my cupcakes, so it was good just wasn’t perfect yet. But they had a good cause, it was my brother in laws birthday yesterday. And they were actually in town so we could all celebrate in person.

I was too busy playing with my cute nephew who I never see because we live in different countries, to eat one. But everyone else loved them. I really enjoy watching my other nephew, the one who lives here, eat a cupcake. His theory is eat all the frosting at once, then discard the thing it came on. Too funny. Im sure I was that way as a kid too. And ps if your wondering that is just my extra cupcake crumbled and sprinkled on top for extra fun.

Stay tuned for tomorrows post about day two of cupcake marathon week. I was experimenting in the kitchen tonight making chocolate coffee cake and coffee buttercream frosting. Yum!

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