Mocha Chocolate Coffee Cupcakes

Not for children. Nope not all cupcakes are sprinkles and sugar rushes for those under 9. This is the sophisticated side of cupcakes. Baked with coffee right into the cake. (although you can barely taste it over the rich chocolate taste.) They areĀ decedentĀ and mouthwatering. Just plain good. I had a friend in town who is a lissables follower and it seems to be a trend that whenever a visit strikes cupcakes are always requested. That’s what happens when your biggest fan base is from another country.

So the request was made. And an experiment began. One that brought out the pregnancy emotions. Straight coffee did not like my butter cream recipe! And although its one of the first times one of my flavor experiments has failed I still was losing my mind. But no worries because in my house I always have hundreds of pound in butter and sugar, so we started from the beginning again. And this time it worked! Hooray. A few coffee beans later (thanks to Brandon for bribing a Starbucks barista with that smile of his,) and tada Mocha Chocolate Coffee Cupcakes! Yummy.

But the best part of them is that they loved them! For some reason I always panic when I dont hear back about an order. And then it makes my day when someone says they like them. But above that they LOVED them! Yay success. And probably a new favorite flavor. Who doesnt like coffee and chocolate? (O right both those flavors are my least favorite but Im opposite to everyone else.)

Stay tuned tomorrow I’m sharing the big Mothers Day cupcake order I did today! Loved them and now am addicted to left over lemon cupcakes!

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