Strawberry Trifle Cake

This is one of my all time favorite recipes. I always begged my mom to make it every summer for my birthday. And now I am old enough to make it whenever I want. Like when I offered to make it for a dinner party this last Saturday, without realizing first that the party is not till next weekend! First big mind slip Im going to blame on pregnancy brain! And I realized it seconds after putting it into the fridge to set for the afternoon. Why it couldnt have been just ten minutes earlier I’ll never know. So I called up my sister in law and had her family come out to help eat the massive dessert! And even then only half of it was gone. So I’ve been eating it for breakfast and snacks. Thats the only thing about it, its not a lasting dessert. So make sure you make it fresh, and you’ll be in love!


1 family size sara lee pound cake (or 2 small ones)

4 pounds strawberries (you can also add raspberries and or blue berries for different flavor!)

1 family size instant vanilla pudding made as directed

1 large cool whip

Shaved white chocolate

Then cut the pound cake into small cubes, wash and cut your strawberries. Make the pudding as directed and add cool whip to finished pudding. Shred your white chocolate. Now layer starting with the pound cake, then strawberries, then pudding mixture and top with white chocolate. Continue to add layers until your dish is nice and full!

Could it get any better than that! 5 ingredients and only 3 lines of instructions. Its just begging you to make it this summer. And I promise your guests will request it over and over again.

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