Just So You Know

You may have notice this past month has been bad for posting, and especially this last week while my mom was here. Sometimes life gets the best of you and you dont get to blog! I know I know the travesty! And though there is not much to update you on except baby stuff, I thought I would stop by and let you know were still doing great! 18 weeks now, heartburn and stretch marks going strong! And in maternity jeans now! I think Im going to live in them for the rest of my life! Haha all pants should have an elastic waist.

Plus we just bought the crib! and Im a little overjoyed about it! Its very different but Ive decided not to share with everyone till its set up in the nursery! And there are just a few too cute outfits piled high in the waiting bassinet. Ive got to say this little kid is going to be the best dressed little man around. And this is only the beginning, so now that “grandma” is gone its back to no shopping for awhile. Which is a good thing otherwise were gonna need a bigger closet!

And while I have been absent this is not going to get much better. This week we have an insane line up of people staying with us, too many for too little rooms! But its going to be fun! And then hopefully we can get started on some baby projects. Apparently all in blue now! Ps Im doing some desserts I’ll be sharing this week too! You’ll want to check back for that recipe! Strawberries, pound cake, and more yummy layers to follow!

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