Long Time No Blog

It seems no matter what I do when I leave on a trip I do not blog. This time I even lined up a bunch of things to blog about. And still just couldn’t get around to it. That’s life. If you didn’t know I was jetting around the world last week. We made the long drive from Las Vegas to Calgary and from there the very long plane ride from Calgary to London! Yes I was in London at the beginning of this very week! How crazy. So before I share all the fun things I was supposed to blog about last week, let me show you the highlights from London!

We did Buckingham Palace, the British Museum, and Westminister Abbey. We did all the fun tourist things. Things I got to do last time I was in London but it was fun to share it with Brandon and discuss different stories about it.

We went to the Cotswold’s, small surrounding towns to London. It was just beyond beautiful! We saw Warwick Castle and Hampton Court. We walked through Hyde Park and St James park. We even made time to shop at Harrods so I could get some British chocolate for my mom! There was many photo ops to be had!

We went to the portabella Market which was made famous by the movie “Notting Hill.” Brandon got to play with some old camera’s and featured the Super 8. I got to sample some british cupcakes at the hummingbird bakery. Not as good as lissables cupcakes if I do say so myself : )

And Lastly some sharing of the weather we had. It rained and did it ever. Brandon and I were trapped for 10 minutes behind a tree while a storm hit during our walk through Hyde park. So intense we even got hail! Somehow being trapped in a storm in a park with an umbrella is just not as romantic as the movies make it out to be! So I got used to wearing my big rain coat with everything, and thank goodness for all the scarves I brought! And since I was a little bigger than normal I didnt do much shopping for myself. However the little man got some fun stuff. And those would be my favorite. Which is funny since I got all the way home on that 8 hr plane ride before I discovered that the one with the bus on it saying “Nothing Hill” rather than “Notting Hill.” O well! Guess its going to just make me smile when he wears it now!

London sure was fun and a have so many more memories and photo’s I could share with you but that would just bore you. So I’ll leave you instead with Brandon’s photo project while we were away. He is always making me laugh and being on vacation only intensified that. So goodnight and you have a laugh too!

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