Baby Shower Cupcakes

A couple weeks ago I went to a baby shower for a friend. Since I am the cupcake lady I was in charge of bringing cupcakes. So I upped that and went for double. Everyone was so impressed with the real cupcakes that by the time they opened the gifts they were giddy with surprise over the cuteness. I cant decide which ones I liked better!

The cupcakes were Chocolate with alternating white and pink buttercream frosting. The pink version had white chocolate shavings and the white had tiny edible pink pearls. So delicate and beautiful. Can you tell it was a little girls shower! Very fun to do this while I am completely in blue and green mode.

And here was the other cupcakes! The baby wash cloths wrapped in themselves to make cupcakes! They were definitely a hit when she pulled them out. You gotta love when your gift gets a big “aww” from the crowd! And its such a simple idea too!

Just loved being at the shower. We played games and everything was about babies. I might add I was talented enough to win the “mold a baby out of play dough in 5 minutes” contest. It was a cute game Ive never seen before. Everyone was given a lump of play dough and you had 5 minutes to mold a little bay out of it. Then the Mom to be got to choose her favorite. I may have the extra experience from playing with fondant making things! But it was still a very cool game to see what everyone did! It made me excited about the baby shower we will be having this fall! Yay babies!

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