Pinterest Crazy

If your not a part of it already you probably will be. I feel like this was how people felt when facebook first started. You know a good thing when you see it. In the simplest way its an online site to bookmark your favorite photo’s, links and idea’s. You can share them with all your profile friends. Its also a great way to find amazing idea’s. You can see what everyone is pinning all over the world. I have even read some amazing stories through there. Here is one of my favorites:

I spend a lot of my free time, (and maybe some of the time I should be doing more important things! as my laundry waits patiently.) On pinterest. Its idea’s to inspire creative projects, idea’s for photography, even simple tips for around the house and such. I love everything about it! And its more than a little addicting! Its easily organized in boards that you choose to name. And you can even tag your friends in the ones you want to share. And its beyond easy to use. Great for me and all my long distance friends and family!

So be prepared with me sharing many more posts about pinterest stuff and posts inspired by something on pinterest. And if your now feeling the urge to join just email me at right now the site is still a little more private and you need to be invited to join. But anyone who wants in on this awesome site can just let me know! I promise you cant be disappointed!

Happy Pinning!

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