Glass Wall Decals

I bought this lovely little wall art design back in October. I loved it so much but I knew we were thinking about moving within the next year and a half. I didnt want to leave it behind. So I had this wonderfully easy idea! I bought an oversize frame, (on sale!) removed the back and laid out the wall decal. It sticks to the glass as easy as it would a wall but now its transferable! I can take it anywhere I want.

Or I would have been able to had it worked as well as I planned. The last step was to hot glue gun the glass to the frame so I didn’t need to metal prongs on the back anymore. Well it was going great, until! I didn’t see one prong was still down slightly. As I pushed the final corner into the frame it hit the prong and that distinct sound of glass cracking rang loud through my living room. I’m not gonna lie it was my first pregnancy moment where normally this would have been a darn, try again tomorrow. But this time full out tears and yelling at the frame and curling up on the couch with a blanket over my head. But it was a small mistake I can fix next time! I went out and bought another quote, and I’ll be looking for another frame on sale in the coming weeks.

You can do this with any store bought wall decals or make your own with a cricut cutter and vinyl. Its a great idea and can really focus your style in a big impact with small effort. And now you even know what not to do!

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