Let talk Pregnancy!

We are finally done with travelling. Wahoo. Lets never ever ever ever ever ever ever do that again. We clocked 90 hours of driving across two countries in 4 weeks! And an additional 16 hours on a plane. Lets just say we didn’t plan this knowing we would be six months pregnant! But we did it and every one of those trips was special for their own reason so I wouldn’t change it! I just wouldn’t do it again!

So I am officially in the third trimester. Awesome. They are seriously flying by. Im in the land of many doctors appointments. Which means lots of needles. Yuck. Apparently I am never going to get over that fear! I almost pass out at every blood work appointment. In case you didn’t put that together I think I might be more afraid of the epidural needle than giving birth. Maybe its a toss between the two! But other than all that fun stuff I am doing good. This little guy is going to have a lot of energy apparently. He is always wiggling up a storm. Especially when mommy wants to sleep! And did I mention he’s big! They moved my due date up to October 12. I like the date, not liking that they already think he’s big. Because in case you didn’t notice, I am on the smaller side haha.

So I have a couple pregnancy projects going on. Besides the nursery which I only just began to think about yesterday. And a couple paper projects lined up to show you when they are complete. The Main ones are photo projects! Because if you know me at all, you know my camera is literally attached to my hands. Their are two I’m working on through this pregnancy, one in the same shirt and per month showing growth. The other is also a growth chart. Every week I get an email with a growth comparison of the little man and a fruit or veggie. We are up to cauliflower for 28 weeks. So enjoy these work in progresses!

Thats Week 13 for the lime, 14 for the lemon, 19 for the tomato, 20 for the Banana, 26 for the cucumber and 27 for the cauliflower. Of course there are many more in between but these are my favorite. Some weeks I have to skip it because rutabagas are not exactly piled high in my grocery store. But its fun to have a weekly picture done.

I cant wait to share more stuff with you. Once I start them! There is many many lined up, so we’ll see how many actually get done! Wish me luck, lets get this nursery started!

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  1. Did you mean two countries or 2 continents?
    Also how did he grow from a cucumber to a cauliflower so darn fast? 🙂

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