Happy Birthday Big Bear!

Today is a very special mans birthday. He turned 51 and yet I still see him through the eyes of a child. Its how I will always see him. And how my little one soon will too. Because he himself is a big kid too. I have so many amazing memories with him. He was a very hands on dad. From bike rides to a new playground every weekend when we were little, to every cheerleading trip I ever took, (he was a hit with all the other moms, as the only dad along!) And lately to the daily phone calls home. Everyone knows I am very close to my mom but they may not know I am just as close with my dad.

My mom worked full time when we were little so my dad always had every Saturday with us. Its very fond memories from those days. We always did something special. One of my favorites were all the bike rides. There was a gigantic hill in a park. I’m not taking normal gigantic, I mean it took a good 45 minutes to wind up it. And I always thought I was going to die but at the top of the hill there was slurpee’s with ice cream in them! It was a kids paradise!  Plus it was a whole day with my dad. Its whats making me excited to have a little one in a cart behind my bike soon. Did I mention my dad custom build his so that it had Hot Rod flames down the side. And two very pink jackets sticking out of it 🙂

Like I mentioned before, even in high school we some how remained tolerable to each other haha. I’m not saying there wasn’t many many fights and groundings, but that’s because he loved me and cared enough to do both. But we also had good times in between. And Because my mom was very busy with running her own salon she didn’t have the time to go on all the cheerleading trips which were always away form home. But he made it to all of them. Even flew to Vancouver when I joined an all star team after High School. And continued to support me and show up when I wasn’t even on the team but coached for an additional 2 yrs. That’s true commitment to your kid.

He was the perfect dad. And I was definitely Daddy’s little girl. I completely expected him to bawl his eyes out when we got married 3 years ago. I wont even lie I WANTED him to bawl his eyes out haha. But he didn’t, and I asked him why after the fact. He told me he was too happy instead to cry. How touching is that. And he did make the day extra special. We went to our fair share of car shows growing up with him, so naturally I have a dream car in them. A ’57 red rag top BelAir. I begged him to find me one for the wedding. He regretted that he couldn’t. I should have known he was lying! After having my hair done at my mom’s salon that morning we came back to the house and sitting in the driveway was The red rag top BelAir! Its definitely one of my favorite parts of the big day. I truly treasure that moment.

And almost one year ago, as our birthdays are one week apart. I got a little brown package from my dad. Something I didnt expect because I hadn’t asked for anything. Or so I thought. He even got on video chat to be live while I opened it. (I love technology while living long distance.) I’m sure my face was priceless when I opened it. One month prior I had been visiting my best friend in Texas and had found a set of signs in an antique store. Not having an extra 75$ in my back pocket I left with only a picture of them. I put it on facebook and tagged my dad in it requesting he make me a set instead. I do this a lot. In fact there is probably an endless amount if pictures in similar fashion. But when I opened the box The set of them was sitting inside. And I might even add he did a better job of them than the originals! And The set reads “I, Heart, U” Its an unmatchable gift. I get compliments on them all the time. And he even had to make my mom a set last Christmas because she envied mine so much!

And lastly. One last story. Last week while we were home he helped me recreate a photo. A project Ive always wanted to do and what a perfect photo. The one on the left is my mom pregnant with me and our family dog. She is in front of my dad’s first Hot Rod. It was the last picture with it. As having a kid can cost a hefty dollar I am told. So because of me he was selling it. (You can see my mom feels terrible about it 🙂 ) So right before I left he reminded me of the picture and we recreated it with his new Hot Rod. Or as I called it growing up “The tomorrow car” It took him many years to get it up and running. And he finally has one again. Always in yellow. Just in time for a new generation to join him at all the Hot Rod shows. Of course they wont include chasing him in a Darth Vader costume with light sabers with all the other kids, and yelling “don’t hurt him, he’s my dad!” But there will be many, many, many, more memories for him to make with his first Grandson. I know they will be like the best of friends! Sawyer and GranBerry.

So Happy 51 years of Birthday’s Dad. Ive treasured all the ones you’ve shared with me, and I expect 51 more! 🙂

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  1. Wow..That is one of the most beautiful tributes for a “Special” Dad..Brought tears to my eyes and sent it along for Ralph to read too! Alissa..Your Dad is going to be the best grandpa in the world..Just like my Ralph…And I have your website in my favourites too! You are so very talented in soooooo many ways..If I could have ever had a daughter (only have one son) I would pick a girl just like you..

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