33 Weeks

Doesn’t it seem just around the corner and at the same time millions of years away! I flip back and forth between being very excited to meet this little monster who wont let me sleep, and being terrified for the moments before meeting him! But my mom is here visiting this week so that always helps. She said she is going into the nesting stage for me. And Im all for the extra help! Were putting some finishing touches on this nursery! Still having too much fun shopping, and going to way too many doctor appointments!

I am being monitored 2x a week because as I mentioned this kid is a monster! At least his massive headĀ indicatesĀ so. Because he is so big and I’m carrying extra fluid my body thinks he is full term already. So I have begun having contractions already. So more pills and more machine hooked up to this bump every week. But he’s healthy and thats all that really matters! We just might be meeting him sooner than later.

And I got another maternity picture! That I adore. And there is a package in the mail with the rest of them. Im about to go stalk my mailman now!

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