Be prepared for me to be unbelievably slow in posting this next week. Not only is my sister in law and her little man going to be staying with us! (Yay a little boy in the house) My mother in law is going to spend a couple nights too. And back to back with those visits my mom will be arriving on Monday! Can you say crazy week with the pregnant lady?

And speaking of family, ours is coming along great! We are now on weekly monitoring because the little guys is not so little. Which would explain the massive kicks to the ribs! So yesterday was my first monitoring app, I got to see him on ultrasound yet again, and then sit hooked up to a machine to watch his heart beat and contractions for 30 minutes. And while that sounds uneventful it wasnt! The only other women in the monitoring room went into labor right there and was sent right away to the hospital! How crazy. But she was already 39 weeks. I have just a bit more to go!

Here are my latest ultrasound pictures to share. He looks like a little boy this time! (not like the scary alien in the last one! Ps Im allowed to say that he’s my kid, and yes he totally looked like an alien the last time.) And the right is his foot jammed into me. It was easy to catch since he kicks me all day long! But funny to have it in a picture!

So everyone else enjoy their weekend! I know we will.

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