Gallery Wall

Today I had my hubby hang my gallery wall in the nursery. I thought since it was just going to be a big collage it would be easy peasy. So when he gave up with 6 frames left, I thought I would finish it. I learned then that I am not ever meant to hang another item in my house. And also that this bump is seriously getting in the way!

And yes they are all empty or filled with the wrong pictures right now. They will remain that way until I get some baby pictures!!! How exciting to think of those! But I am also using some of them for cute baby quotes and such. Here are some of the options Im thinking about.

And a couple more items to hang above the crib, some paper lanterns, and a rocking chair and we will be all done! I cant believe we are this close! I remember when this room was still Brandon’s office at the beginning of the pregnancy, then it was an extra bedroom, then storage. Its changed almost as much as my body! haha And I just love how much its evolved. I love my nursery. And I already find myself coming up with a million excuses to spend time in there. Good thing since the next couple months will bring an even better reason to be in there!

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