34 Weeks

I had another app today. Lots of ultrasounds, I feel like I know this baby inside and out because we have so many. Today we were making sure everything looks healthy and good. Still measuring high above in fluid. His head is now 38 weeks large. My little Frankenstein. But he is still looking like a big healthy boy! And that’s music to our ears.

But we did discuss all my contractions again. I have been having them for the last 2 weeks and I am on medication to stop/slow them. But I was told today that in 2 more weeks I will be going off the medication. And then it is all up to this little man to see when he wants to come. Which means in 2 weeks we could possibly go into labor! Good gosh! Exciting and terrifying. I guess we wont know till it happens but that’s sure a big palm to my face reminder of all the stuff I still need to get done. Which means special thank you to my fairy godmother for the last item we needed for our nursery! Once that glider is in the nursery I don’t know how I wont spend every minute in there!

One last thing to share. Here is a picture of my monitoring appointment today. This is how I spend 45 minutes, 2 times a week. One band to watch his heart beat, which the little guy seems to think is a hide and seek game. They have to constantly move it, as he is constantly moving. And the other watches my contractions. Its a catch 22, I like to watch it go up and down, but whoa there is a lot of them, and this is on medication! But its sure a peace of mind to have such great care. And the nurses are always super sweet and nice. I have to admit, I almost even enjoy the appointments.

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