Happy Anniversary x2

For those of you who dont know our love story here is the basics. We got married with all our friends and family, with the big dress, the flowers, the dancing and fun on September 12 2008. 2 days later we got separated at the airport where they denied me entrance for 4 months for “attempting to marry for citizenship.” It was extremely heartbreaking to be pulled apart so soon after our wedding. Especially since in my eyes my hubby is Canadian and I could care less about American citizenship. But there is no sense in talking sense to a border patrol officer. There was many tears and lots of paperwork. Brandon got on the next returning flight and we made our plans for the next coming months. We hadnt signed a marriage certificate because we knew it was a possibility of me being detained, but that hadnt changed anything so I called up my officiant and told him the story. He was so kind and offered to redo our ceremony for just us and make it official. So in his living room, with my parents, a week later we said “I do.”

It was a long, hard, struggle for two newlyweds. Two countries apart and only getting to see each other every other weekend. But we made it work. And its been 3 years since that time. I believe it made us stronger and a better couple in the long run. We made it through something in our first weeks of marriage that would be hard on any couple. So now every year, we celebrate on both dates. I always joke that he gets an extra day to make up for it if he forgets the first!

So tonight on our second, third anniversary we will be spending the night in watching “friday night lights” season 2 and having pizza delivered. If thats not romantic I dont know what is! But it is so perfect for us. Plus he did take me out for dinner on the 12 and we had our annual scrabble game. Brandon hates playing scrabble but once a year that board comes out just for me. He is the most amazing man in my life. (until Sawyer makes his¬†appearance¬†anyways…)And I love him with all my heart. Happy 3 years B!

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