36 Weeks

Back at week 4 I had no idea:

-I wouldn’t be able to wash dishes by hand because I happen to be the right(wrong) height with a massive bump to not be able to reach the sink enough to be near the faucet.

-This same issue applies to the washing machine and the little baby onesies I’m trying to wash in prep, that seem to want to stick to the far bottom side of my top loader.

-I would have so much fluid that it would become a problem. Although it sure makes it easier for him to swim laps in the stretched to capacity pool in there.

-I’d be hitting 3 doctor appointments per week, two monitoring, one regular. That they would involve having two ultrasounds per week since week 32. Ive had more ultrasounds in one month that some women have in an entire pregnancy.

-I would be making my hubby shiver under the covers as I crank the AC

-That the only way I would be able to sleep is with every pillow in the house piled around me.

-That this little boy might be making his appearance in the month of September instead of October.

-That although I have hated chocolate my whole life, when I was told at week 35 I couldn’t have it anymore, it would be all I wanted.

-That I would be so done with being pregnant and want him popping out any day, while still being too terrified to actually want him out and home from the hospital.

-That even when I had nothing to talk about, I would still need to call my mom daily to know that everything I was feeling was normal.

-That so many people would be above generous to this little boy and our family.

-I would be so inspired by this baby that I would discover all the creative projects I could accomplish, including learning to sew and make my own heirloom baby blanket.

-That’s when people told me it was going to be the longest 9 months of my life, they were liars! This has flown by! Where did 36 weeks go.

-That 2 little people could make a big baby!

-That no matter how hard I try I would never be ready for a new baby.

But what I did know, was that me and Brandon would be extending our family, and showering this little baby in love. And That time grows ever closer each day. On Wednesday I was given the go ahead to stop the medication that has been holding back the contractions. Between now and 4 weeks from now little Sawyer will be making his appearance!

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  1. Awe babes this is sooo adorable!! You are truly going to be the best mom! I didn’t know it was possible to be this stupidly excited to see a baby in my entire life! I cannot wait to see pics of little Sawyer! But mostly I CAN NOT wait to meet him face to face! Im going to have to practice holding a baby so I can hold the little tyke <3 love you!! XO

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