Footprint Ghosts and Handprint Pumpkins

If you have little ones they are going to love today’s post. (Beware its a messy one!) A chance to paint…with their feet! I think what I love the most about this is you could make it a yearly tradition and watch the little ghosts grow! What a great reminder of how little the once were. Use some thick white paint. You want it to show up with one print. It would be hard to line them up for a second coat. Paint your child foot and roll onto black craft paper. Making sure the toes are on the bottom, add a mouth with some black marker and some googly eyes and you have your own personal ghost!

You can do a similar craft with their hands as well. Paint your round orange pumpkin, and add the stem, then paint your kids hands green and let them make the leaves with them. Lots of fun for kids! After all its Halloween its supposed to be all about the kids!

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