Mummy Dogs and Other Fun Food

Here is another day for the kids. As we get closer to Halloween they get more and more excited for the night of candy! But you can make regular food fun too! Imagine your kids faces lighting up when they see the cleverly disguised food on their dinner plates tonight!

Mummy Dogs

I swear I have been waiting to have kids to make these! I think they may be a tad young for my hubby. But either way how can you resist the cutest that is mummy dogs! Grab some hot dogs cooked and some pilsbury cresent rolls. Cut the rolls into strips and wrap around the hot dogs. Cook according to directions. Add some mustard eyes and see your kids gobble them up!

Pancake Ghosts

This is a sweet morning surprise. Use a regular pancake batter and pour in the shape of a ghost. Add a couple chocolate chip eyes and mouth and you have a friendly ghost for breakfast!

Spooky Lunch Fun

Pizza using different cheeses to create a layer candy corn look. White yogurt with raisins eyes for ghosts, Bananas with chocolate chip faces can be ghosts too! Oranges with a drawn on Jack O Lantern face. Your possibilities with fun kid lunches are endless if you use your imagination right! A cheese string halved and pulled apart at the bottom, with food color faces. And of course gummy worms and other Halloween candies make a sweet dessert too! Your kids will be the envy of the lunch room when they open those plain paper bags to reveal this fun!

So there you have it Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, all spooked!

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