All new years resolutions are supposed to fail correct? Because I did say I was going to write more. And then look at this its been a month to the day since the last post. And my project life is still not caught up and its only month 1. I dont even remember the other ones! So lets revisit January!

My best friend got married! So excited. We flew out to Houston for the week. For prewedding fun. And the big day came way too fast! We had so much fun out there. It was Sawyers first time on a plane, Grandma came along to help. Daddy flew out for the weekend to film it. (amazing memento) So happy for them!

O ya and I made the cupcakes too! Carrot cake and cream cheese and yellow cake with purple buttercream. YUM! Cake, a beautiful outdoor wedding and my best friends. It was so perfect! Although I will never be a bridesmaid, have my 3 month old with me and bake the wedding cakes again!All three shouldnt go together!

Sawyer grew another month so that means I now have 3000 instead of 2000 pictures. Here’s my favorite from month 3!

We decided to revamp our living room. So much fun and we did it all ourselves! Ive decided since I painted the orange wall so well I can now go ahead and paint every room in my house. Brandon says no though. (But I see the kitchen changing color soon too! And the bedroom? haha) Brandon has been wanting to get a projector forever, but I was hesitant. But when he found the perfect ottoman and chair I said lets do it! I also got my floating shelves finally! (if you love the look of floating shelves and hate putting them up, head to Lowes because these were awesome! So easy!) This is the first of my home revamp idea’s. Hopefully I am inspired to keep going and keep blogging about it too!




Now I have to go feed the cutest chubby mini man! Be back soon!

(I promise, because Im pre writing them now! Stay tuned for project life stuff and other crafty crafts!)

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