Project Life

This year I jumped on the project life bandwagon. Its a scrapbooking project in the simplest way. Basically you pick a core kit in the colors and theme you like. (There is 4) I picked clementine. I wanted the turquoise kit but they sold out within the day I tried to order it! Then you purchase a binder and page protectors. The core kit has cards that fit right into the pockets in the page protector. Then each week you document your activities. You slip in pictures, journal on the precut and designed cards, you can add little memento’s like movie tickets etc. and in the end you have your whole year documented!

How awesome is that! So I started mine. Its been a little hard with a 3 month (almost 4!) baby. I try to do it during nap times. But you can only get so much done. I got an instant picture printer for Christmas so thats helped a lot. Im still behind (probably because I take a billion pictures and cant narrow it down to just a few a week.) Also I need to desperately clean my scrapbook room, I cant even see my desk right now. So thats a little discouraging. But Ive gotten a couple done and I am working on it a bit tonight so hopefully I can share more again soon!

Week One

Week Two

Week three

Im still missing the first half of week 1, half of week 2 (the wedding! waiting on pictures of that) and my title page. Which is finished just needs to have the title added. Which means I have to clean that room to dig out the cricut!

If you want any more information on project life visit Becky Higgins (the creator) also carries all the products, which is nice and easy.

o ya and this year I bought a scrapbook calendar. I have to go back and do January but here is February and I just love it!

Keep being creative 🙂

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