The Magic of Photoshop

So I recently shared some newborn photos that I took. I am loving getting into photography on another level. If you know me at all you know my camera has just become an extension of my hand. Its not a recent thing. It may annoy some, (see: my husband) But you cant ever go back. I remember telling my mom I didn’t want any pictures in High school and I was always mad whenever she had her camera out. I regret that now. And I am fully prepared to become the more annoying version of my mom when my kids are growing up.

Back to the point. I had Brandon sit with me my first night editing. He taught me the basics behind photo shop. Which helped with simpler edits like the one above. Cleaning up cuts made by little finger nails, vignettes, cream up the skin, blur backgrounds and such. I was having so much fun I couldn’t stop! And they weren’t even my pictures! I wish I had been myself after Sawyers arrival to do our own, but alas I don’t even remember those first 3 weeks!

The real fun however came when Brandon and I switched seats. He worked his magic before my eyes. I was amazed! I knew there was lots we could attempt. But he blew my mind. I literally am dying to take more newborn photo’s. Anyone want to volunteer baby’s! You know where to find me!

But this is by far my favorite edit. (forgive the photo a little the comparison shot is stretched a little on the blog. its really just to show the big edit.)I love shots like this but don’t own any backgrounds yet. So this was all done in post. I thought there was no way to make it look real but here it is and I think it turned out fantastic! Its incredible the before and after! So I just had to share. If anyone wants a complete breakdown you can email me at Otherwise just let it be magic!

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