Wild Animal Cupcakes

Yesterday Sawyer got to attend his second ever Birthday Party. I love the mass chaos that surrounds little birthdays. Kids everywhere, parents chasing after them. Especially the melt down hour, when all at once and suddenly all the kids at the party are crying and being whisked away! However Sawyer slept through almost all of the party! Right in the middle of it, asleep in his car seat, kids screaming, Happy Birthday being sung. That kid, sleeps through that but if I move wrong when he’s napping beside me, its game over.

I was so excited to be asked to make cupcakes again! Yay. I had huge plans for these wild animal cupcakes. A personal issue made me lose time and decide to go a much simpler route. And in the end I think sometime simpler is so much better. Plus its kids, they just want to lick the icing! And for some reason if I do end up doing an artistic spin on cake adults always push off eating it because “it looks too good!” For future reference, eat the cake. It makes me happier to see that little cake devoured than to go to waste after all the work!

It was a fun afternoon, loved being around all those other littles. There was a lot of babies around Sawyers age and it was fun to see them interact with each other. Sawyer definitely has a soft spot for the ladies! We need to meet some little men his age, but until then we’ll just keep adding to his girlfriends!

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