I dont even know how to start this post. When I wrote about Sawyers Diagnoses, it was more of a comfort for me to get it out. I never expected the amount of support we were given. We both come from close families, but its always nice to know that love is strong. We’ve had close friends, old friends, and friends we haven’t talked to in years reach out. In fact I have had friends of those friends sharing their own experiences with craniosynostosis.

The first day I posted about our heartbreak, first I was so surprised at how many of you read the blog without me even posting it to facebook. And after sharing it on facebook I left my computer for only 30 minutes to put Sawyer down for a nap. I came back to find my computer lit up with  messages. I cried through most of them. Just deeply touched at how many of you put your heart out with love and support. I found a quote online after Sawyers Appointment when I was feeling really down. “Shared joy is double joy, shared sorrow is half a sorrow.” I felt like it was exactly true. I have felt so lifted since sharing what we are going through. Ive had flowers sent to us to brighten our day, cards and even received a little teddy bear with scrubs on. He will definitely be accompanying us to the hospital.

We have an appointment on Wednesday with the neurosurgeon. I’m actually looking forward to it, and getting some answers. I will again update after the appointment about any changes. Until then we are just enjoying all the little moments. He is changing in so many ways and I’m not going to miss any of that worrying about the future.

Again just a huge thank you for all the well wishes all of you have sent Sawyer this week.

3 thoughts on “Touched”

  1. Thank you Alissa and Brandon for sharing Sawyer with us from day one of his impending arrival and then all of the great photo memories you provide. It is great to open Facebook and see his cute little face and megawatt smile, it really makes my day to see:) He will be in the best of care, as I know you would settle for nothing less for Sawyer. You have all of the love, support and prayers to help get you through this. You are stronger than you think..xo

  2. He is so precious I want to die.
    I love how maternal you are. Comments like “I wont miss moments worrying” is exactly how a mom should feel about her child, but it’s not always the case.

    Good luck at the doctor. I hope he has some good information for you guys.

  3. If love and prayers could heal someone our little Sawyer would be just fine, I have always felt that sharing our hopes, dreams and sometimes sadness, brings people together, makes us all realize just whats important in our lives. Alissa I am so proud of the Mother you have become, Sawyer is such a lucky boy to have you on his side. It breaks my heart not to be able to hug his sweet little face every day but through pictures and words you allow us into his world every day! Our little sawyer is going to bring so many people together, all in the name of LOVE…..

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