A 27th Birthday

Yesterday we had a perfect birthday celebration. We didn’t spend any time thinking about today’s looming neurosurgeon appointment. I had stayed up late the night before and banished Brandon to the bedroom with Sawyer. Where apparently it was extremely boring. But it was all worth it! I baked him an extra special vanilla sandwich cake with peanut butter butter cream frosting! YUM indeed. I half contemplated eating the entire thing the night before and starting over the next day. Good thing I had some red velvet brownies to eat instead. (More on those later this week!) He got some awesome presents which included the birthday button he voluntarily wore the entire day. Even got him free packing peanuts at the post office. And Sawyer was especially kind with his present. We ended up throwing out our first outfit that just wasn’t worth washing, if you know what I mean;)

I decorated the kitchen with streamers and banners and balloons. And set the table up with presents, the cake and pictures of us through the last year or so. I also made a birthday check list for him. (learning the hard way to always save a photoshop project before your computer dies unexpectedly and you lose an hour of work {inserts extremely sad face here}) It had 2 choices for each part of the day, and he could choose and make his own perfect day. He picked pancakes at home over breakfast out. 21 Jumpstreet and candy, over shopping and a nap. Our favorite hole in the wall restaurant over applebee’s and laser tag. And we finished the night off picking Sawyer up and watching the girl with the dragon tattoo specials.

We didnt even eat the birthday cake because we had already eaten so much Candy at the movie. (which was awesome, but beware they drop the f bomb quite a fair bit, but still hilarious movie.) All in all a good birthday I would say!

I will be updating this as soon as possible after our doctor’s appointment this afternoon. Thank you to all of you who continue to send us well wishes. We appreciate all the love.

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  1. Awesome job, A! That looks like so much fun! I definitely love the idea of giving him options for the day! I will totally have to remember that for G! 🙂

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