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I’m sad to say I have nothing new to update everyone on today. We got a call on Saturday telling us our insurance had approved our next visit with a pediatric plastic surgeon. We were to call on Monday for an appointment. Here is where is gets annoying on our end. Since most of my readers are from Canada you are only given a small window into American Healthcare. I’ll admit it has its ups and downs. If you have me on facebook you know I’m a complainer of the system. Its not to say I haven’t enjoyed almost all and any of the nursing staff and doctors we’ve encountered this last year. I certainly never would have been able to go in demanding a C-section in Canada and it’s what made our birth story that much easier on all of us. Finding out later that we would have never been able to have Sawyer naturally and that I made that call and it was right. Having said all that though, there is still some very frustrating flaws in the system.

I wont even argue my big issues today, but on Monday when I was trying to make one single appointment I reached another breaking point. I was turned down without a written referral. I am not used to this expectation that I can only see a doctor if I have been referred and approved by insurance. Of course we had one but this would be about the 4th time it seems to get lost in fax land. I was told I would need to go all the way back to my pediatrician for it. Back in the wrong direction 3 doctors. I didn’t think so. I tried calling the previous doctor, our neurosurgeon, but couldn’t get through. Then I called our pediatricians line just in case. It was my lucky day and I got a woman who clearly didn’t care about us, couldn’t speak English and was losing my mind when I had to repeat our phone number 50 times and respell Sawyers name a dozen more. No its Sawyer with an S like Saw. NOT FAWYER. This is not my entry in my house Im calling you about. I ended up hanging up on her because it didn’t get anywhere . But she must have left a message for my pediatrician, so they called me even more confused since they haven’t been a part of this since Feb 9th.

We are now waiting because Brandon took over after one too many Alissa tears, and finally got through to the neurosurgeons office. They faxed that dang referral over again, and we were told to call them in 15 minutes. Tick tock tick tock. Nothing. We called and they told us we would be called when they scheduled an appointment for us. I can be calm and strong about this diagnoses and pending surgery but I just want to be dealt with as a new mother dealing with some scary news. Don’t leave me waiting in the dark for weeks waiting for appointments. Whats it going to be like booking the actual surgery!

We are still doing fine as a family. I am extremely lucky to be able to stay at home with my son, and even more fortunate that Brandon works from home as well. So we have more family time that anyone I know. And for that I will be forever thankful. Brandon is my rock and without him I would still be crying and yelling at health care reps from Monday. So we’ll just continue to wait again. I’m getting a lot of practice in that end. Hopefully I will be able to update everyone with real news soon. I just needed a little vent today.

Now I’ve got to prepare for doubling my baby count in the house! Sawyers little friend Claire is coming over for the afternoon while her Mommy and Daddy have some grown up time. Life is too short to be upset all the time. So we’re going to enjoy our double the fun afternoon. And then Sawyer is even more lucky because both Grandma’s couldn’t stay away any longer so Brandon’s mom is in town this week and the day she flies home, my mom gets here for a week! Last night Sawyer had an entire nap in GB’s arms. I’m not sure which one of them loved it more. He is truly loved.

ps. I think ever since they told me they were going to shave his head, his hair has started to grown twice as fast. ???

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