For the love of red velvet.

There is nothing but frustrating waiting, and dealing with never ending insurance approvals and referrals. So while we have a whole weekend to nothing but wait, I thought I would share something different today. This should have been posted a week ago but something else kinda took the lead on here…

Red Velvet. For some people that alone will make them read the rest of the post. I find you can like vanilla or chocolate but when a person prefers red velvet, they don’t like it, they love it. So today I have for you: Red Velvet Brownies! I got the recipe from {da da da da} Pinterest! I think this is the first recipe that Ive actually made from pinterest. And it sure didn’t disappoint. WOW is all I can say.

So here is the link to the most delicious Red Velvet Brownies! They had the absolute perfect amount of light crispiness on top, gooeyness in the middle and only lasted 2 days in our house. They’re deadly is what I am saying. But now you have the recipe. For if your having an off week and are like me in an “eating your feelings kind of way.”


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