An Appointment

After a long 2 weeks of battling some more health care approvals and road blocks, we finally have an appointment with the pediatric plastic surgeon! Next Monday the 9th will hopefully be the last appointment and we can book the surgery. There is a small chance he will require a CATscan first, but hopefully we can skip that as they are deeming surgery necessary anyways. How weird that I just want to have this surgery as fast as possible. I just don’t want to keep waiting anymore. Plus I was hoping to have it sooner than later because I don’t want it falling on my sister-in-laws due date! How sad would that be to miss something happy and new for something so sad. Either way it will be nice to have some final news on this big date!

Since I have been waiting on this appointment for 2 weeks Ive also reached out on the internet and found some amazing support groups. I tried first on but theirs is small and very slow. A mom from there recommended a facebook group called OUR CRANIO CIRCLE. The moms from there have all gone through this exact process and surgery. They have been amazing and kind, and have answered all of my {sometimes silly} questions. I feel so much better since interacting with them. And through that group I found another foundation. Cranio Care Bears, They started as two moms in the same situation and wanting to make it easier on other moms. They offer free care packages for cranio kids going in for surgery. As soon as we get our surgery date I can request one for Sawyer. Very sweet.

And of course Ive been finding humor in every situation. I know my family and friends think its dark humor, But you have to have something help you smile when a 6 month old has seen a neurologist, pediatric neurosurgeon and pediatric plastic surgeon back to back! So I found between those 2 support groups 2 onesies that I think I’ll have to recreate. one said “My ¬†first hair cut was by a Neurosurgeon.” And the other said “Chicks dig scars!” I think they are cute. And definitely something not many other kids can have! I’ll find any way to stay positive about all of this.

I’ll update again as usual as soon as we know more! So hopefully one more week!

Thanks so much for the continued support everyone!

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