The Very Hungry Caterpillar Cake

One special First Birthday Custom cake order!

I have been so lucky to have two birthday cake requests in the past 2 weeks. Remember the animal crackers cupcakes from 2 weekends ago! Well this was a much larger order but just as fun. And I had been dying to try this design. I love it because its simple cupcakes for all the kids and guests but a special cake for the first birthday boy to make a mess of!

If you’ve read The very hungry caterpillar {see: anyone who’s read any book to a kid,} you know the design. I tried to incorporate the water color effect in the swirled green frosting. Plus some added paper embellishments to finish it off.  50 cupcakes and a personal cake. I followed my trend and baked it all last night after babysitting till 10:30. Stayed up till 2 and had it done this morning by 10. Easy stress free order. Gotta love when that happens.

So Happy First Birthday Noah! Hope you smothered yourself in cake and maybe ate a little too.

And if your looking for custom cupcakes you know where to find me!

7 thoughts on “The Very Hungry Caterpillar Cake”

  1. Another adorable creation Alissa! I really like the cake–cupcake combos; the best of both worlds:-) Today’s my mom’s birthday & we were just talking about those amazing cupcakes you made for her last year. Wishing I was going to be able to be with her again this birthday; I would have loved to surprise her and her friends with another order of your delicious cupcakes!

  2. Great caterpillar cake Alissa! How much icing do you make for 50 cupcakes? The two-tone icing was a nice touch. Very professional looking.

  3. Thanks Carol. I made two batches of my buttercream frosting for this cake. One red and the second split between lime green, green and yellow. It was supposed to be more swirled but the greens and yellow blended too well!

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